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As a busy business owner it is hard to find the right candidate. Clarity Hire simplifies the job hiring experience for you. It's not about finding any employee it's about finding the RIGHT ONE!


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Superstar candidates struggle to build up their resume to distinguish themselves from their competition. Clarity Hire remedies that by having employers rate their candidates that they hired.


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The current optometric job market is a mess.

The traditional methods of connecting practice owners to potential hires are inefficient. If practice owners want to find help, most either ask a colleague for a referral or post a job through an email list serve or a job posting site. In oversaturated markets they often get many replies, filling their inbox and don't have time to sort through the mess, causing them to adopt a first-come-first-serve system.

On the other hand, for searching doctors to find jobs, they need to blanket existing offices with resumes, network with as many established doctors as possible, and constantly search online sources such as email, job postings and forums. This is an inexact science at best, and although work can be found through these methods, finding the right fit for each party is more based on luck.

As a business owner, it's not about finding any employee it's about finding the RIGHT ONE! For a new doctor, it's an exhaustive and sometimes degrading experience to put in so much effort without the guarantee of finding work. If you're a believer in working smarter and not just harder, you will like what we have to offer.


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